Miraicha Records Announces Latest “Miraichaya Vol. 1” Compilation

Miraicha Records Announces Latest

It really doesn’t feel like that long ago that I wrote about Miraicha Records’ debut compilation release “Miraichaya Vol. 0”, and that’s probably because it wasn’t. Quickly checking the OTAQUEST archives shows an early January 2019 release, but if anything, that just makes today’s news all the more exciting. Announced via Miraicha Records’ official Twitter account earlier today, “Miraichaya Vol. 1” manages to double down on the hype of Vol. 0’s release. It shouldn’t surprise too many of you, but “Miraichaya Vol. 1” calls on the incredible talent of Kizuna AI, backed again by the wonderful talent of Yunomi.

Coming in with a killer seven song tracklist, we’re seeing what many would consider the Miraicha Records all-stars performing side-by-side. With original label founders Yunomi and YUC’e, of course, making headline appearances, we’re seeing KOTONOHOUSE, Neko Hacker, and PSYQUI handle the bulk of production. We’re again seeing Kiato handle the incredible cover art for the release, while also going in on a collaborative track with both KOTONOHOUSE and Yunomi under her alias Kuishinbo Akachan for the release of “Marshmallow Macchiato”. This track popped up initially a little over a year ago, so the inclusion in the compilation is definitely an interesting one. Let’s take a look at the full tracklist below:

  1. Yunomi – Robot Heart (feat. Kizuna AI)
  2. YUC’e – Lifeline
  3. KOTONOHOUSE – Emotion (feat. RANASOL)
  4. Neko Hacker – Hack You (feat. Ugokuchan)
  5. PSYQUI – Rainbow Dream (feat. Mo∀)
  6. KOTONOHOUSE & Yunomi – Marshmallow Macchiato (feat. Kuishinbo Akachan)
  7. KOTONOHOUSE & Yunomi – Koi no Hoshiuranai, Umi wo Sashite (feat. Kuishinbo Akachan & Azuki)

Set to release on April 17, 2019, this continues to paint the image that Miraicha Records hopes to paint throughout 2019, initially kicked off with “Miraichaya Vol. 0”. Alongside the release of this compilation, we’re also set to see the second volume of Miraicha Ai at SOUND MUSEUM VISION in Tokyo. We’re set to see just about everyone involved in the compilation appear at the event, with Miraicha Records already teasing additional guests to appear as well.

There’s a lot of excitement mounting for this release, and with this being the second “Miraichaya” volume to release this early into 2019, I really can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds. For those interested in checking out further information, be sure to head over to Miraicha Records’ official website.

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