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The beginning of a new week can only mean one thing: time for new Weekly Shonen Jump! This is where Jacob investigates the latest and greatest in the magazine, telling you what’s worth your time and what’s not. You can find coverage of other series under the tag Jump Time. Here’s Mission: Yozakura Family chapter 83.

If you didn’t know already, then Mission: Yozakura Family is on the front cover of Weekly Shonen Jump this week. Arguably, this is a crowning achievement for a series that has courted cancellation so many times over the years, but has pulled through in recent months to become truly compelling.

What’s even better news is the fact that Mission: Yozakura Family chapter 83 is one hell of a chapter to have the cover on. Aside from delivering the conclusion to the Yozakura Front Lines arc in a satisfying fashion, it also ties into recent character development on the part of both Taiyo and Kyoichiro. All in all, it’s well worth the spotlight.

Last week, it seemed as if even coming back from the dead wasn’t enough for Taiyo to stop Kawashita on his own. Apparently, he absorbed the Cherry Blossom Leaf Hazakura before it could be destroyed, thus turning himself into a living bomb to kickstart the nefarious Seed Sowing Project. Yet, Taiyo isn’t alone: he has the entire Yozakura family to back him up, with chapter 83 detailing just how they put an end to this most final of showdowns.

Screenshot from Mission: Yozakura Family Chapter 83

Mission: Yozakura Family chapter 83 is full of what made the Front Lines arc so compelling in the first place: creative Blooming powers that show off series author Hitsuji Gondaira’s incredible artistic abilities. Ever since the power system was introduced all the way back in chapter 63, I knew something was about to change, and now I can say for certain: without the Blooming, this series would have been doomed.

Regardless, no matter how many powerful attacks the combined forces of the Yozakura family throw at Kawashita, it just doesn’t seem to have an effect. That’s when Taiyo spots something: very small threads going from the villain’s body underground. He manages to convince Kyoichiro to throw him at Kawashita’s feet, where he finds his mother-in-law’s body. Once he retrieves it, it’s mission complete.

Screenshot from Mission: Yozakura Family Chapter 83

All of this is related to the secret ‘fourth’ mission that Kyoichiro gave Taiyo right at the beginning of the arc: ‘Retrieve our mother’s body without alerting any of the others.’ That was in itself proof of the fact that Kyoichiro trusts his brother-in-law much more now than he did at the beginning of the series, but the way that Kyoichiro goes with Taiyo’s plan to unleash ‘Formation Sakura Roots’ in Mission: Yozakura Family chapter 83 is yet another indication of that. Undoubtedly, this will continue to develop in the future.

Speaking of the future, where does Mission: Yozakura Family go from here? Chapter 83 sees them defeat the ringleader of the main antagonistic group, Tanpopo, so there’s two possibilities. Option A is to introduce more members of said organization, perhaps even higher than Kawashita. Option B would be to introduce a new group of antagonists entirely, which might be the more interesting idea.

Either way, the series has my attention.

You can read Mission: Yozakura Family chapter 83 for free via VIZ Media.

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