Mobile Suit Gundam and Georgia Coffee Team Up To Celebrate Co-Anniversaries

Mobile Suit Gundam and canned coffee. You could argue that both of these things, while completely different, are very representative of what Japan has to offer. Gundam is one the biggest franchises in all of anime and this year it’s celebrating its 40th anniversary. 25 years ago, Georgia launched its Emerald Mountain Blend coffee which is still available in vending machines all around Japan today. From now until August, Gundam fans can enjoy having the world famous Char Aznable smirking at them on their coffee cans. Additionally, during the first week of May, there will be a Mobile Suit Gundam themed vending machine in Shibuya that will recite classic lines the anime if you buy coffee from it.

Gundam Georgia Tie Up

Admittedly, this may not life-changing news but we like to highlight Japan’s unique marketing tie-ups when we can. So far six designs featuring different mobile suits, warships, and Gundam character have been released. To our understanding, there will be 25 designs to be released at various points between now and the end of August. If you’re dying to have Ramba Ral or Sayla Mass on a can of joe, patience will probably reward you. I just hope you’re a fan of the Emerald Mountain Blend.

First gundam can designs

Japan’s the type of place where cartoon and coffee tie-ups aren’t that rare. Just last year Shonen Jump teamed up with Georgia coffee to release a staggering 50 differently designed coffee cans spanning many of Jump’s properties. Not to mention all of the UCC Coffee x Evangelion designs over the years. Uniqlo already got in on the Mobile Suit Gundam 40th anniversary action, so why shouldn’t Georgia Coffee? With vending machines absolutely everywhere in Japan, there’s no better place to advertise.

The Gundam x Emerald Mountain coffee cans will start releasing at the end of April and alternate designs until August.

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