Animator つづつ Shares Fan-Animated ‘Moe Shop – Charm w/ Puniden’ Music Video

Japanese animator つづつ (pronounced Tsuzutsu) has been on our radar for quite some time now — they burst onto the scene earlier this year with their incredible music video for Zekk’s “Feelsleft0ut”, and now they’re back with even more animated goodness. Since I first started following つづつ and their works as a designer, illustrator, and animator, they’ve made it no secret that they’re a fan of France-born producer Moe Shop’s late-2017 single “Charm w/ Puniden”, and today they revealed their latest project in the form of a fan-animated music video uploaded to YouTube channel Waifu Wednesdays.

Best known for his hyper-elongated animation style and diversely unique color palettes, つづつ has us completely floored with his animation work here. Seeing the original cover character from Moe Shop’s “Charm” spring to life is something that’s undeniably surreal, and the unique flare provided by つづつ’s original character is totally fitting for the song. With the incredible Latin-inspired instrumental vibes from Moe Shop, Puniden’s gorgeous vocal work, and the hyper-focused animation work of つづつ, this fan-animated music video most definitely has a whole lot going for it.

Made available via Tokyo-based YouTube network-gone-label Waifu Wednesdays, it’s exciting to see their broadening scope with the ever-present connectivity of Western fans in the Japanese music and animation scene. We’re sure this won’t be the last time we see content like this from つづつ, and that’s honestly got me more than just a little excited. Their unique charm is something worth keeping an eye on, and we can’t wait to see how they continue to innovate. Further details on the release can be found via つづつ’s official website.

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