Moe Shop Teams up With EDOGA-SULLIVAN for “WWW”

Moe Shop

Tokyo-based electronic artist Moe Shop marks the start of a new chapter in their artistic career with “WWW.” Some of those changes are pretty self-evident — this is a fresh song, complete with a fresh artist profile shot to really tie the whole thing together. The biggest shift, however, comes from the news that, starting with this number, Moe Shop will work with ASOBISYSTEM (best known for ties to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Yasutaka Nakata). Previously independent, this signals the start of a new era for the creator and offers all sorts of possibilities moving forward.

Yet all that change doesn’t get in the way of the song itself. “WWW” finds Moe Shop working with the Japanese pop duo EDOGA-SULLIVAN, but around their contributions, Moe Shop offers up a pulsing electro-pop number nodding to French touch and funk music. Which is the sweet spot for this project. Listen below, or get it here.

Not to detour from the music, but the “WWW” single comes accompanied with art featuring some big players in Japan too. Tokyo’s GraphersRock handled the design, while Shota Iwasaki (who has worked on anime such as DARLING in the FRANXX and KILL La KILL) illustrated it. Continuing a trend of technicolor artwork to accompany the works of Moe Shop, it definitely solidifies the overall feel of the single.

The connections go further than the cover art, however. Moe Shop has been great at connecting with artists whose voices fit in just right over their electro-pop, and EDOGA-SULLIVAN slide in nicely here. Vocalist Moe Sasaki, in particular, glides over the music on “WWW,” all while offering a nice sweetness to Moe Shop’s locked-in groove. Speaking of, this is the artist doing what they do so well, channeling their French roots with their love of Japanese electro-pop to create something all their own, and open for anyone to lose themselves in. There’s also all the little details popping up that add extra depth to this number — check the little guitar flare-ups lurking underneath, or how the beat sometimes speeds up between verses. “WWW” might mark the start of something new for Moe Shop, but the song itself reminds of all their strengths that remain seemingly regardless of what direction they head.

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