Moga Mogami is Leaving Dempagumi.inc to Focus on Solo Career

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do, especially when it comes to something you hold so close to heart. This has been a thought that I’ve been processing a lot lately, especially with a wide variety of news coming to light lately. Thankfully however, I’m happy to report that this goodbye is not of the lasting variety. Moga Mogami, the purple member of the electrically-charged Akihabara idol group Denpagumi.inc has announced her official departure from the unit. Though we may no longer see the self-proclaimed online gaming otaku grace the floorboards of Dear Stage with her fleet steps, it is very likely that we’ll soon be treated to the very first bits of her much longed-after solo career.

Moga wrote a blog post detailing her decision to leave the group. Within the post, she cites difficulties in continuing with the group, as her personal ambitions did not always perfectly align. Therefore, in order not to cause any static within Denpagumi.inc and in order to pursue her own ambitions as a solo artist, she decided that now would be the best time to part ways.

Five members of Dempagumi.inc remain — Mirin Furukawa, Risa Aizawa, Eimi Naruse, Ayane Fujisaki, and Yumemi Nemu. It’s been stated that they will continue group activities as a five-person idol unit for the time being. Thank you, Moga, for everything you have done for fans of Denpagumi.inc, idol culture, and and music in general. I know I’m looking forward to cheering you on well into the next stage!

Both Moga and Denpagumi.inc made the announcement. You can find her blog post here, and the group’s official news release here.

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