moji8fresh Launches New 80s Inspired Fashion Brand NUE ZZZ

With a focus on the hyper-colorful, street-ready designs of the 80s, graphic designer and fashion designer moji8fresh has his eyes set on a new era of streetwear with the launch of his ambitious new brand NUE ZZZ. Based out of Japan, NUE ZZZ is set to totally flip the conventions and perceptions of Tokyo’s broadening fashion scene by utilizing moji8fresh’s massively diverse color palette and design sensibility. Coming in hot with a massive sixteen-piece initial collection, words can’t express how excited I am to see how far NUE ZZZ can take this style.

Stemming from the creative mind of Jun Arai, perhaps best known for his creative flow as moji8fresh, the visionary creative long stood as the genius behind both design and graphics for fellow Tokyo-based fashion brand Galaxxxy. During his years working with Galaxxxy, we saw a number of the brand’s most inspired pieces, and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the table independently through NUE ZZZ. It’s far from the toned down colors Tokyo is used to, and that simply makes NUE ZZZ all the better, bringing a new level of inspiration to the monotone streets.

With a special focus on an international audience, NUE ZZZ has already announced plans to bring the brand overseas with international shipping set to launch soon. With a fully unisex lineup of clothing and the design experience to offer a promising future for the company, we couldn’t be more excited to see what moji8fresh comes up with. As a bonus incentive, those who jump on the brand early are offered a limited-edition NUE ZZZ branded tote bag for the first 100 online customers.

Those interested in checking out the full lineup of clothing from NUE ZZZ, as well as those interested in picking up any number of these incredible pieces, you can head over to the brand’s official website. Congratulations to moji8fresh on the launch of his latest endeavor, we can’t wait to see where it takes you!

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