Mojipittan Encore Coming to PS4, Steam, and Mobile in April

Mojipittan Encore Game Screenshot

Mojipittan is one of those games that is absolutely addicting… and infuriating. Initially released on PlayStation 2 back in 2003, the game has seen several iterations across various platforms over the last 17 years. Most recently, the title was released on Nintendo Switch in Japan as Mojipittan Encore. Today, developer Namco Bandai made the announcement that Mojipittan Encore will be coming to PlayStation 4, Steam, and mobile on 8 April 2021 for ¥3,200 on PlayStation 4, and for ¥2,673 on mobile platforms.

To play Mojipittan you need to know your Japanese. The game is very similar to Scrabble, as you are provided with tiles that you can place anywhere on the board to spell words. Tiles must be placed next to any other tile on the board, space permitting, but at least one word must be formed with each tile placed; as long as these conditions are met, a tile may be placed anywhere on the board, even if not all the other tiles are connected to form new words. It truly is an addicting game, and like I mentioned earlier, quite frustrating in the best ways possible.

Mojipittan Encore Gameplay

Namco Bandai has yet to announce if Mojipittan Encore will be getting any sort of release in English-speaking territories, just based on the concept of the game. But I can definitely see them trying to make the effort to localize it for an English-speaking market sometime in the future. When the title releases on PlayStation 4, Steam, and Mobile this coming 8 April 2021, I can definitely see the game kicking off a craze among puzzle game players all throughout Japan. The game really is just that addicting, without a doubt.

Namco Bandai
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