In Pui Pui Molcar’s Absence, Fans Have Been Creating Their Own Episodes

In Pui Pui Molcar's Absence, Fans Have Been Creating Their Own Episodes

Although the series is now available on Netflix, people miss Pui Pui Molcar! So much, in fact, that Molcar has been trending on Twitter every week at its normal time as fans have shared their own imaginary episodes of everyone’s favorite stop-motion anime about guinea pig cars.

Every Tuesday, for me, was Molcar Day. I made a point of making sure people I knew also shared in the joys of Molcar Day, by tweeting about every new episode. Evidently, I wasn’t alone in this, as the series would regularly become a number 1 trend on the social media service with every episode being released. Unfortunately, the show ended last month after just 12 episodes, and people clearly missed it in the time it was gone.

Every week since then, while not to the extent it was when the series was still on TV and YouTube, Molcar has continued to trend on Twitter every Tuesday. Except instead of talking about the episode that was airing, fans were making their own.

In what can only be described as a grand social experiment, everyone would claim they had seen the latest numbered episode of Molcar. They’d talk about how great the episode was and describe the plot of what they ‘saw’ in detail, some even sharing drawings or recreations of screens from the ‘episode’.

Some of these have been rather interesting ideas as well, capturing the cute craziness that defined the series during its brief run, while some have emulated the time-traveling, movie-parodying moments of later episodes.

User @fuwa_mochi, for example, put together a drawing summarizing their episode where Shiromo was trapped in a wall and crying, requiring the help from other Molcar to free them from their unfortunate circumstances.

An idea for episode 14 saw Choco lose their flower earrings in the wind, making them sad till they found new earrings. Sometimes these spread to parody, like @NekosouL_kobo’s idea for a Final Fight episode for episode 15.

In some cases, fans on Twitter went the extra mile, creating their own Molcar and physical recreations of episodes. Also for episode 15, user @fuwa_mo created new designs for Molcar and had all the Molcar meet for hanami, shared alongside an image of all their own hand-crafted Molcar around sakura petals. And they weren’t alone in sharing hand-crafted Molcar.

Of course, that trend continued this week. @hiyokoblack shared a spooky episode idea on Twitter, for example, featuring ghost Molcar!

In the end, it’s representative of the passion shared by people for Molcar during its run, that’s now being expanded on Twitter beyond the scope of the series. We saw this creative spark when the show was airing, and the end of the series isn’t stopping these people.

Whether we’ll ever get more Molcar remains to be seen. It would seem inevitable, but with director Tomoki Misato now running his own stop-motion team at WIT Studio, it may not share the same creative team even if it does happen. At least we have the memories and the togetherness the series has evidently conjured up between people. All because of guinea pig cars.

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