Idol Group Momoiro Clover Z Spit Beats in Their Newest Rap-Infused Music Video

Idol Group Momoiro Clover Z Spit Beats in Their Newest Rap-Infused Music Video

The fact that Momoiro Clover Z is releasing a new album is a big deal, even if, internationally, their popularity is not as large as their local popularity would suggest. I write this news about a brand new Music Video for “The Diamond Four”, the lead song for the self-titled new album releasing next month for popular idol group Momoiro Clover Z, from a queue going out the door of a large discount shopping chain known as Shimamura; one that I’ve been waiting in for 30 minutes at this point, simply because of special collaborative merchandise being sold in the store. I’m a little bit biased in terms of my writing on this group, having been a fan of the group for over 8 years, but I feel the brand new music video is not just exciting as it suggests we’re awaiting another superb album from these girls, but because it shows their dexterity and ability to adapt to various styles of music while also showing off their talent.

“The Diamond Four” is a rap song from Momoiro Clover Z for their upcoming album, written and composed by the talented songwriting group invisible manners. Rap may seem like an unusual genre for a J-pop idol group to tackle, yet it isn’t even the first time they have attempted to do so, and it is definitely their best take on the genre to date. What makes this such a strong song from the group is not that the group are particularly adept at rapping, but because they define this less through spitting hot beats (though they definitely do a good job here) but by having so much fun in doing though that can be felt while you listen to it.

This fun transcends into the music video itself, a jaunty visit to a hotel where Takagi Reni plays Super Famicom games with a granny, Tamai Shiori, and Momota Kanako watch movies while Sasaki Ayala eats pizza with friends. The bouncy chorus breaks up the rapping verses while their choice of outfits also ranges wildly from casual clothes to color-coordinated suits.

I love this music video and song so much because it represents what I love so much about this group. They’re willing to try different genres which are out of their comfort zone and have a lot of fun while doing so. I really recommend watching this music video and, if you enjoy it, listening to their other music, some of which is available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify internationally. This song itself is the lead song for a new album called “Momoiro Clover Z” by the group and will be available on May 17.

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