Momoiro Clover Z to Open Limited-Time Pop-Up Store in Shibuya

Momoiro Clover Z to Open Limited-Time Pop-Up Store in Shibuya

With Momoiro Clover Z’s Haru no Ichidaiji concert behind them, promotion for the idol group’s 5th album has been ramping up ahead of its release on their 11th anniversary on May 17. Promotions for the album range from collaborations with Honey’s Bar smoothie bars at train stations all around Tokyo to the news that Tokyo Skytree will be lit up in the group’s colors on both May 11 and May 17. There’s plenty to be excited for between these promotions and the ever-approaching new album, a one which, based on recent music videos, is already shaping up to be something truly great, but news today has announced that, for just 5 days only, a special Momoiro Clover Z pop-up store will open in the center of Tokyo pop culture and fashion, Shibuya.

The store will occupy Shibuya n_space, which can be found just a 5-minute walk from Shibuya station and the bustling Shibuya Scramble crossing. This area has held promotions for brands such as Marvel and LINE in the past among many more. Alongside being used to promote the group’s brand new album set for release right in the middle of this shop’s limited opening period, a slew of exclusive merchandise will be made available to purchase.

Merchandise being sold at this collaboration booth includes two shirts in either black or white (I’m particularly a fan of the black design), mugs, small alcohol glasses, badges, tote bags, hoodies, and muffler towels. While I would have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the rather basic design of the hoodies, I am in love with the shirts, mugs, and towels, and I’m reasonably confident that when I inevitably go to visit this store on the first day of opening I will walk out of it noticeably poorer than I had been the day before.

This Momoiro Clover Z pop-up store will be open for 5 days only between May 15 and May 19 in Shibuya, Tokyo. The group’s self-titled album will release on May 17, and you can find more information on both this album and the group more generally over on their official website.

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