MONKEY MAJIK Releases Latest Album “COLLABORATED”, Shares Playful New MV ‘Ryu Gakusei’

MONKEY MAJIK Releases Latest Album

It’s been several months since the release of the music video for MONKEY MAJIK and Sandwichman’s surprise smash-hit Umarvelous“, and now the group is back with an all-new music video “Ryu Gakusei”, just in time for the release of the group’s latest album. Uploaded to Avex’ official YouTube channel earlier this week, “Ryu Gakusei”, a collaborative effort between MONKEY MAJIK and Taiiku Okazaki, is full of that same wordplay and humor found in “Umarvelous”, this time boasting an arguably funkier beat.

If there was anyone that MONKEY MAJIK was gonna call on after the release of “Umarvelous”, it absolutely had to be Taiiku Okazaki. Best known for his English-Japanese wordplay on tracks like “Natural Lips”, it took no time for Okazaki to make a name for himself, and it’s definitely cool to see these two collide. Deploying a more refined version of the techniques used in “Natural Lips”, there’s a whole lot to love in “Ryu Gakusei”, regardless of whether or not you understand every line.

This music video also comes at the perfect time, with the group’s latest album COLLABORATED releasing today both physically and digitally. Much like the name suggests, each song on the album is a collaboration with a different artist from a number of different genres. While not every song holds that same humor as “Ryu Gakusei” and “Umarvelous”, you definitely will see a number of classic sounding tracks here.

M1:Umarvelous / × Sandwichman
M2:BLiNK / × UQiYO
M3:Funny Faces / × THE CHARM PARK
M4:Ryu Gakusei / × Taiiku Okazaki
M5:Promenade / × Trio Ohashi
M6:Million Stars / × SIRUP
M7:The Sandwich Man –part 2-
M8:Christmas Carol no Koro ni ha -NORTH FLOW- / × Junichi Inagaki × GAGLE
M9:A.I. am Human -TOSHIKI KONDO Ukulele ver.-
M10:Tokyo lights -AmPm remix-
M11:Umarvelous -TeddyLoid remix-

For those interested in checking out more from MONKEY MAJIK, be sure to visit the band’s official website. Just remember, when sleeping in your bed be sure to take off your shoes.

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