Capcom Shares Official Monster Hunter Rise Accessories for Switch

Monster Hunter Rise Accessories TOP

Monster Hunter Rise for the Nintendo Switch is just a few short weeks away, and today Capcom has shared some of the official accessories coming to the console with the Monster Hunter Rise branding. The accessories are being manufactured by none other than the leaders of the accessory market, Hori. I’m sure that these are not all of the Monster Hunter Rise accessories coming from the manufacturer, but just the highlight that they have chose to feature.

For starters, Capcom and Hori announced one of the coolest things that I have seen for the Nintendo Switch system: Monster Hunter Rise grip controllers that exponentially make the system more comfortable to hold. Very useful if you’re going to be going on some hunts on the go. The comfort grips will set you back a comfortable ¥5,478. A price that is a lot cheaper than I thought they were going to be.

Monster Hunter Rise Grip Controller

Next up they announced a series of cases that are themed after Palico or Palimute. They have a fuzzy exterior and will keep your console safe on the go. There are versions for both full-size Switch and the Switch Lite. Each case will run ¥2,178.

Monster Hunter Rise Cases

Hori and Capcom are also releasing a pair of Nintendo Switch game card holders, which are also themed after the Palico and Palimute. The main difference with these, aside from the obvious color differences and character designs, is the fact that they come with a Micro SD card. The Palico case will come with a 64GB Micro SD card where the Palimute variant will come with a 128GB Micro SD card. The 64GB case set will cost ¥6,578 and the 128GB version will cost ¥14,278.

These Monster Hunter Rise Switch accessories will be available with the release of Monster Hunter Rise on 26 March 202, except for the comfort grips which will be available one month later on 26 April 2021.

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