Monster Rancher 2 Headed To The Switch

Monster Rancher 2 Headed To The Switch

Monster Rancher, or Monster Farm as its called in Japan, may have always been a third to Pokemon and Digimon respectively but it was one hell of a third. Its tie in anime series took more from the emotional impactful story-telling of the latter and the PlayStation games featured a neat mechanic where you could swap in your actual CDs, and later DVDs, to generate unique Monsters. The franchise had been all but dead for a while but last year the original was ported to mobile platforms and the Nintendo Switch, although that release has yet to see an English version. Now, Monster Rancher 2 is following suit.

Monster Rancher 2

While no exact date for the Monster Rancher 2 port has been giving, it’s set to come out this fall once again on both mobile platforms and the Nintendo Switch. The price point on the first game was just shy of 2000 yen and considered this was also originally a Playstation 1 release, we’d imagine it to be placed in the same ballpark. Obviously, unlike in the originals, you can’t swap discs on a phone or on a Switch so we imagine the new Online CD Database created for the original port you could enter CD product information into will remain intact this time around.

When speaking specifically about the games, Monster Rancher 2 has always been considered the crown jewel of the franchise. It’s certainly the one I sunk the most hours into a kid, breeding Suezo and Tiger varients trying to unlock a Phoenix.  It took the original’s unique CD transferring ability, monster raising mechanics, and improved upon the experience in every way. While the original port has yet to be released in English, if we end up just getting a Monster Rancher 2 international release that honestly wouldn’t be so bad.

Monster Rancher 2 is set to be released digitally on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch this fall.

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