The Original Monster Rancher Is Getting an All-New Port

The Original Monster Rancher Is Getting Ported

Honestly, I don’t know if many people out there are as genuinely excited by this news as I am, but I’m really hoping so. Monster Rancher, known as Monster Farm in Japan, was a monster raising game series by Tecmo that got its start in 1997 but hasn’t seen anything new since 2011. It differed from Pokémon in that the series simulated what it would be like raising a monster day in and day out as opposed to just having them do battle. In addition to the games, the Monster Rancher anime was a surprisingly good third to Pokémon and Digimon back in the day. We don’t have all the details yet, like what the port will be released for and when exactly, although it is set to come out sometime this year.

One very unique aspect about the original Monster Rancher games was that you could use other games and CDs to summon new monsters. You would have to open your PlayStation, take out the Monster Rancher disc, put in any other CD, and let the game generate a monster based on your CD data. It’s a neat little gimmick of its time that doesn’t necessarily make sense in today’s digital download era, it couldn’t work at all if it was a mobile port for instance, but the experience wouldn’t be the same if they took this feature out.

I cannot stress how much I loved Monster Rancher when I was a kid. Most people wrote off Digimon as just a Pokémon rip-off much less give Monster Rancher a shot. The anime used to air in the states on the same channel as Digimon and I really loved the one-two punch of monster shows that actually offered way more depth and character than Pokémon ever did. That lent itself into me getting into the games as an adolescent, which then led to me becoming very said when it got relegated to a hand-held only, then mobile-only, then non-existent series. Here’s hoping the port does well and we get it in English.

The Monster Rancher/Monster Farm port is set to hit Japan later this year.

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