Mori Calliope’s New EP ‘Your Mori.’ Tops Music Charts Around the World

Your Mori. EP cover

Rapping reaper and Hololive English first generation virtual YouTuber Mori Calliope released her second EP ‘Your Mori.’ over the weekend, topping music charts around the world and celebrating her birthday in a blowout fashion. There’s also a music video for ‘Red’ and a vinyl release available for purchase via Geek Jack, making this undoubtedly her biggest release yet.

Mori Calliope’s debut EP, ‘DEAD BEATS’, also managed to top music charts in both the US and UK upon release, and that performance has been repeated for you. Calli remarked on 5 April that her new EP had reached number one on the US and Japan hip-hop charts, as well as the top five albums overall. She thanked her collaborators, saying:

‘I say “we” because… could NOT have gotten here without てにをは’s boppin’ tracks, AO’s stylish mixing, 零’s beautiful artwork, and your love. Really, thank you.’

The music video for ‘Red’ features artwork by Rei, a Chinese illustrator who has contributed to many doujin projects in the past. Mori did the animation herself, alongside the rap and lyrics, while てにをは (Teniwowa) composed the music and AO provided mixing. It’s easily the VTuber’s most ambitious project yet, demonstrating her tremendous talents in the process.

Overall, ‘Your Mori.’ is less rambunctious than her debut EP: it does feature some bangers, but dials back the self-confident swagger just a little bit to reveal more of a sensitive side. It fits in right alongside the likes of ‘Ibasho (Where I Belong),’ which Mori wrote for Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

Finally, to mark the release of ‘Your Mori.’ and her birthday (which both happened on 4 April), some special goods can be purchased via Geek Jack. These include a vinyl pressing of the EP, a poster and badges with art by Rei, as well as a dakimakura hugging pillow based on art by SARUEI; all can be shipped overseas.

Alternatively, the album alone can be purchased via CD Japan or streamed on most major services.

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