Mos Burger Joins the Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Craze

Mos Burger Tribe

Just last week I wrote an article about Ippudo Ramen making their own Animal Crossing New Horizons island called Ippu Island, and now we have the Japanese fast-food chain Mos Burger joining in on the festivities by making their own designs available to download in Animal Crossing. Like I mentioned previously, I’m not the biggest Animal Crossing player there is out there, but I absolutely love when companies do things like this. It really blends the digital world with the real world. The items are available to download to your game now, so let’s take a look at what they’re offering.

Unlike Ippudo Ramen, Mos Burger didn’t make an island for players to visit, but designs that you can use for your characters in the game. There are two types of items: a knit cap with an onion head sticking out of a circle of fried onions, and a dress designed as a ‘mos chicken’ complete with a tribal look when worn together. Definitely cool, if you ask me.

If these items are something that you want to give to your islanders, you can do so by doing the following:

  1. Visit the Able Sisters on your island
  2. Open the My Design Showcase in the store
  3. Search for the Creator ID: (Mos Burger: MA-6911-8956-4077)
  4. Select My Design and save the designs

Now you can have a slice of Japanese fast food on your island.

Mos Burger has not announced if this is going to be a limited-time offering or if they’re going to be around indefinitely for Animal Crossing New Horizons, but I hope they do more designs for players. I for one would especially like to have one of the Mos Burger uniforms that employees wear in the locations for my islanders.

Mos Burger, Nintendo
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