Survey Showcases Japan’s Most Popular Cup Ramen

Here at OTAQUEST, we take pride in sourcing from some of the best institutions across Japan; that’s why when my friend shared an image in our Twitter group chat, I knew I had no choice but to write about it. When it comes to this image, it wasn’t just your average joke post shared in our chat, but rather, an actual informative piece of imagery detailing the results of a 1,300 person survey posing the question “What is your favorite type of cup ramen?”. The survey was conducted amongst groups 20 years and above, with the answers clocking in with a somewhat surprising leader.

The survey pooled together a wide-variety of instant ramens that you’d most commonly find at both the convenience store and supermarket allowing the general public to vote on their favorite. If you couldn’t tell already, first place was claimed by Cup Noodle Seafood with a total of 263 votes, while regular Cup Noodle came in at 262 votes. That’s a total difference of one vote. That being said, it goes without saying that this was a print mistake as Cup Noodle Curry rightfully should have been first place, and Shin Ramen shouldn’t have been too far behind.

The full top five can be found below:

1. Cup Noodle Seafood – 263 Votes
2. Cup Noodle – 262 Votes
3. Cup Noodle Curry – 168 Votes
4. Chicken Ramen Donburi – 90 Votes
5. Cup Noodle Chilli Tomato – 81 Votes

Additionally included in the survey was a breakdown of those who shared their answers, with the majority percentage being 30-year-old males at a total of 18%. Closely behind was 20-year-old males with 17% input, while 20-year-old women made for roughly 15% of all votes. This breakdown can be seen in full below:

20 Year Old
Male: 17%
Female: 15%
30 Year Old
Male: 18%
Female: 14%
40 Year Old
Male: 16%
Female: 10%
50 Year Old
Male: 6%
Female: 3%

Where do you fall on the instant ramen debate? Have you got a favorite flavor? We recently shared our impressions on the limited-time French Fries & Chicken Nugget Cup Noodle flavor that hit conbini’s across Japan just last month. If you’re interested in further snack related content, be sure to check out our new “Conbini Corner” weekly segment.

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