There are few titles that can match the legacy of Konami’s GITADORA series. Today they kicked off MUSICIANS ROAD, a new event in the newest installment, GITADORA HIGH-VOLTAGE.

Each version of the game has various events happening throughout their lifecycle. Players can unlock new songs and content, such as nameplates, avatars, and icons. The new MUSICIANS ROAD event seems to be no different.

The event kicked off this morning 19 May 2021 and will run through 9 August 2021. Konami has outlined the following for the in-game event:

1. This event unlocks the ‘latest event-only songs’ and ‘player board items’ that reflect the theme of the song as you gain more fans.

2. At the end of the game, you will advance 1 to 4 squares. Depending on the number of squares you advance to, you will experience various things and your parameters will increase.

Musicians Road

3. The number of fans increases depending on three parameters: ‘name recognition’, ‘skills’, and ‘connections’.
When the venue gauge in the upper right corner is full, this stage is cleared, and the songs and in-game items are unlocked!

4. There is an event square in the middle of the stage that will trigger the ‘Next Play Mission’. If you stop here, you will get a mission to try in the next play. If you clear that mission, some good things are bound to happen, including the unlocking of ‘past event songs’ that currently have no means of being unlocked.

Musicians Road

5. Your Ranking is based on the number of fans that you have. Aim to be the best musician in the world!

With GITADORA HIGH-VOLTAGE just releasing a few weeks back, and this being the first event for the title, we are bound to see a bunch of surprises still hiding in the game. Who knows, maybe they’ll be bringing back some fan-favorite songs, similar to how they do with the Arena mode in beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER.

KONAMI AMUSEMENT, @taito_gameworld Twitter
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