‘My Hero Academia’ Movie Reveals Dubbed Trailer, US Theatrical Release

Horikoshi Kouhei making his way to San Diego Comic-Con wasn’t the only exciting thing for western fans of the smash-hit My Hero Academia this weekend, as North American anime publisher Funimation announced their plans to bring the franchises upcoming original movie  My Hero Academia: Two Heroes to North American theaters. Following that announcement, we also got to see some of the English-language dub in action, highlighted with an all-new PV below:


The PV mostly features a voiceover from Justin Briner as Deku, but we get to here the great Christopher Sabat as All Might at the end with the teasing line “Soon!” – and I must say he’s sounding excellent as usual. Other than that, the PV is the same as the original Japanese version, but far more exciting was the news that Funimation will be bringing the movie to North American theaters this fall both dubbed and subbed.

This will mean a relatively short period between the Japanese and North American release, mitigating somewhat the risk of encountering spoilers (although this movie most likely won’t advance the plot of the series in any way) and not making fans wait as is common with other Japanese movies such as your name. Furthermore, Funimation’s decision to release the film in both dubbed and subbed should please all sides of the community and help the film be the success it can definitely be.

In any case, we can’t wait to see the new My Hero Academia movie here in Japan, and it’s great that Western fans will get the chance to see it in theaters as well — relatively soon at that. For more information, check out Funimation’s official website.

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