These My Hero Academia Face Masks Help You Stay Safe, Stay Cool and Go Beyond

These My Hero Academia Face Masks Help You Stay Safe, Stay Cool and Go Beyond

It’s 2020, and COVID-19 has turned the life-saving face mask into a fashion accessory. Masks are a must to protect yourself and others from the virus, so you may as well wear one that expresses who you are in the process. A number of fashion and pop culture brands have jumped on this necessity to wear masks and desire to customize them to create reusable face masks, some of which we’ve covered here before like the recent Black Jack face masks. My Hero Academia is the latest manga and anime property to turn their characters into face masks, but unlike most masks these ones have a special feature that helps them to stand out from the rest: pockets for ice packs!

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Many people are using the need to wear masks in 2020 as a way of expressing themselves, so it’s no wonder that masks based on various manga and anime series are popular. This range of 4 re-usable face masks based on the My Hero Academia franchise are mostly white in appearance, with one cheek being taken up by a character sketch of one of the main heroes from class 1-A. Deku, Bakugo, Uraraka and Todoroki face masks are available as part of this initial set of themed masks, allowing series fans to show off their favorite character while keeping themselves safe.

These masks are being developed by Collection.jc, and are being developed under their ‘cool down mask’ branding. As a result, included with these masks are a pair of small reusable ice packs roughly 6cm in width that can be inserted into pockets on the front of the mask. These allow the masks to be used in warm-weather conditions without feeling uncomfortable by cooling down the face as you wear them. Honestly, it sounds wonderful.

These My Hero Academia masks are available to pre-order for a limited time only from now until September 6th directly from Collection.jc for 1320yen. Following this pre-order period, the masks will be delivered to customers on September 26th.

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