My Hero Academia Neckties: Become The Hero of Business Meetings

Anime My Hero Academia Neckties

Picture the scene: you’re stuck in an important business meeting, trying to finalize ideas for the next big thing from the company. Your team has been deadlocked for hours on what direction to take the company in, and hope is starting to drain from the faces of your colleagues. Suddenly, a third pathway opens in your mind, and the idea saves the day and makes you the hero of the workplace. Now, what if your tie could match the hero work this idea provided? Perfect Suit Factory has you covered with this new range of My Hero Academia neckties.

This 12-piece set of My Hero Academia ties comes in four designs, based on the four main protagonists of the series: Midoriyama Izuku, Bakugo Katsuki, Todoroki Shoto, and Uraraka Ochako. Each is available in three different colors that allow for a more subtle or bold My Hero Academia motif to come to the surface. For example, Deku’s tie features the text ‘one for all’ and ‘hero’ prominently on the front, but the words more subtly blend into the rest of the design if a darker color is chosen.

The tail of the tie (hidden by the front of the design) is where the most prominent My Hero Academia art is held: each tie included a silhouette of the character. Each tie is sold in a special My Hero Academia-themed box that contains a miniature acrylic stand of the featured character.

Still, to collect all ties would be an expensive task. Perfect Suit Factory is selling each of these My Hero Academia neckties online and in-store for 3190 yen each, placing the price for a set of one tie from each character (ignoring alternative colors) close to 13000 yen. If you need a tie and like the series, it could be worth it.

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