Myth & Roid’s Distinctive Sound and Visuals

Myth & Roid

Myth & Roid debuted in 2015 with their single L.L.L (Leashed Luminous Love) under Media Factory, the label that features artists such as Dragon Guardian, nonoc, and The Teenage Kissers. L.L.L was featured as the ending song to the first season of Overlord. This launched their debut as a massive success with the song peaking at 29 on the Oricon charts and appearing on the chart for 8 weeks. 

The band features [email protected] on guitars, bass, composing, and producing; hotaru on keyboard and lyrics; and multiple vocalists. According to [email protected], Myth & Roid is much more than a three piece unit as it involves the work of video creators, dancers, scenario writers, etc behind the scenes. The group prides itself on it’s creative expression that entertains the world. 

[email protected] is also known for being a part of the duo OxT with Masayoshi Oishi. The group debuted in 2013 with Go Exceed which was used for the first season of Diamond no Ace. The group also performed Clattanoia, the opening song to Overlord in 2015. 

The band’s lyricist hotaru also works writing lyrics for other projects. His most recent work was providing the lyrics for nonoc’s song Memento which is the ending theme for the upcoming season of Re:Zero. He also has credits in other anime such as High School Earth Defense Club and K-On.

The band’s first vocalist, Mayu graduated from the group in 2017 to pursue a solo career. She’s currently working as Maeshima Mayu and released a digital single, Yellow in April 2019 which was followed with her first album From Dream and You in September 2019. Mayu is still involved with the multiple series she lent her voice to and was scheduled to attend a special Re:Zero event called Re:Story. 

Her successor, KIHOW was discovered by [email protected] and brought aboard in 2017. KIHOW is not only a singer, but they’re an artist. They work under the name Varizo Chang, and in January 2020, they hosted a solo exhibition, WORD TRAUMA.

Myth & Roid - Eyes

That’s So Metal

Since their debut, Myth & Roid has been known for their predominantly gothic metal sound and music videos. With great tracks such as L.L.L and shadowgraph, Myth & Roid has shown that they’re able to perfectly deliver a distinctive sound that can have listeners creeped out or hyped up and ready for battle. This also extends to their music videos that give visuals to match their music. 


Myth & Roid’s 2nd single Anger/Anger, the ending theme for BBK/BRNK, gives fans a more composed sound compared to the raw emotion from L.L.L. This is also reflected in the music video with Mayu surrounded by fog as she stares at the camera and sings about someone who is tired of people hurting them. The song goes from a sorrowful anger to an explosive anger that is reflected with the heavy sound and the fire in the music video. 

Myth & Roid Jingo Jungle

Jingo Jungle

The 5th single, Jingo Jungle, the opening for Saga of Tanya the Evil, perfectly reflects the militant nature of the show with it’s harsh sound. The video is rather simplistic, but it builds on that militant nature by having Mayu surrounded by a group of soldiers in riot gear. The video also puts a big emphasis on the color red to reflect the violent nature of the song and to a further extent, the anime. 


The 6th single, HYDRA is not only the ending for season 2 of Overlord, but it’s also the first song with KIHOW. The video is set in a snowy wasteland surrounded by giant swords as KIHOW sings about the pain one endures when they are completely devoted to someone. KIHOW’s vocals further put an emphasis on the painful devotion that the song is conveying, making it a perfect lament. 

Myth & Roid Voracity


The 7th single Voracity, the opening for season 3 of Overlord, perfectly embodies the gluttonous nature of the song. KIHOW’s vocals perfectly match the madness that comes with the need to eat and the bloodthirst that comes along with that. The video’s eerie aesthetic with it’s monochrome background and pops of red, usually blood, further drives the lust for blood that was also reflected in the anime. 

What’s Next For Myth & Roid?

The band released a compilation album Museum -The Best Of Myth & Roid- which is on sale now. The album features songs Anger/Anger, Tit For Tat, and Panta Rei, and it also features the music videos for Hydra, Voracity, shadowgraph, Panta Rei, and Tit For Tat. 

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