NA Share Latest Biohazard, Rockman, and Onimusha Collaborations

NA x Capcom Collaboration

We’ve been following Tokyo-born streetwear brand NA for quite some time now, having provided a fair amount of coverage for their numerous ventures, but this might just be their biggest to date. While we’ve seen collaborations with heavy-hitters in the anime scene such as Ghost in the Shell and FLCL in the past, this time the brand is shifting their attention towards the world of video games with a three-piece collaboration featuring the likes of Biohazard (Resident Evil), Rockman (Megaman), and Onimusha. 

While NA’s motif is a simple one, it works especially well with the bold and accentuated stylings of all three of these logos. For those unfamiliar, NA collaborates with iconic and essential masterpieces within the fields of anime, manga, and video games to create simple homage pieces utilizing only the collaborative property’s logo. This simplicity creates a piece of clothing that can be paired or matched perfectly in a streetwear setting, something otherwise difficult within the traditional confines of branded anime clothing.

Available across a number of canvases, you can check out the entire NA collaborative collections via their online store.

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