NA DJMAX Respect now patched to Version 1.02

The North American version of DJMAX Respect has now received two patch updates. Players will first download Version 1.01, which is primarily to prepare for the global launch of the game’s four DLC packs tomorrow (April 6).

As noted by the official DJMAX Twitter and the Playstation 4’s update prompt, DLC content from the Trilogy, Clazziquai, Technika and Guilty Gear packs are planned as part of the content. The update prompt, however, adds the game has seen “minor bug fixes” through the patch.

The official DJMAX Twitter page previously stated more information on the content will be announced on April 6.

Although the song content doesn’t hit until tomorrow, the data makes the update weigh in at just more than 12GB, so give yourself some time for the download if you haven’t done so already.

It appears later in the day, a Version 1.02 patch was also pushed through the Playstation Network. This update is a friendlier 88MB to download, and the only listed change is, again, “minor bug fixes.”


More information on DJMAX Respect will be shared on Bemanistyle.com as it becomes available.

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