Nagoya’s Maonosuke Fashion Brand Is A Neon Dream

Nagoya's Maonosuke Is A Neon Dream

Nagoya-based fashion brand Maonosuke has been on my radar for a while for their comfortable-looking designs and spicy neon colors. The overall style seems to be loose-fitting, yet sophisticated street clothing that looks extremely comfortable to wear, with a slightly sporty motif. Maonosuke’s first collection released in Spring/Summer earlier this year, and their most recent collection for Autumn/Winter is available on their webstore.

Maonosuke’s designs give me a really calm feeling, even down to the way they present their clothing in photos on their store and social media. I’m not sure if this is intentional, but every photo seems to have been taken on a calm, cloudy day. The aesthetics of the gray with their signature shocking neon green and reflective tubing almost makes their collections look as if they were designed for aliens to wear. Their latest collection includes fuzzy snood scarves, which sort of contrasts with their other sleek pieces, but it’s a cute and quirky look. Maonosuke has participated in a few fashion fair events, such as Creator’s Market in Nagoya, and have displayed their clothing at Tokyo Oz Gallery. There’s not much on the internet about the brand, so the clothing does most of the talking.

One piece in particular that catches my eye is the now sold-out Raglan Jersey, released in their 2019 Spring/Summer collection. The cut of the zip-up jacket reminds me of SILHOUETTE’s airplane parka, or even something from Balmung. All of Maonosuke’s clothing is handmade and made-to-order. Honestly, I think Maonosuke is a pretty good competitor for bigger cyber/street fashion brands such as Chloma, killremote, and Hatra, and we should definitely keep a close eye on their future collections.

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You can see more of Maonosuke’s collection’s on their Instagram, and you can keep up with updates to the brand on their Twitter. Incidentally, they are currently having a 5% off sale on their goods on their webshop, so now might be a good time to cop something cozy for the upcoming Fall season.

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