Idol Duo Namakopuri Are Coming to Anime Expo

As part of OTAQUEST’s ongoing efforts to bridge Japan’s diverse underground talent pool to the rest of the world, we’re proud to announce that we will be brining Namakopuri to Anime Expo 2017! The wildly talented idol-duo find themselves carving their own hyper-colorful niche into the industry, utilizing high-paced vibrant imagery in conjunction with their playful and often out-there styles. From the busy streets of Shibuya all the way to the bustling city of Los Angeles, you can expect to see Namakopuri give it their all in both live art and musical performances.

The musical duo first came to my attention back in mid-2016 following the release of their oddly-club centric single ‘Sushi Party’ which was produced by trackmaker Masayoshi Iimori. It was by far one of the most hype-inducing, question-raising tracks I had ever heard, and I loved every bit of it. The duo are currently signed to OIRAN MUSIC, a Shibuya-based label that focuses on a variety of different club music genres. Storming onto the scene in mid-2014 with their scary-cute single namakopuri’s trap, the duo continue to churn out hyper-energetic tunes and gorgeous art.


It won’t take long after checking out the attached video to see just what we mean when we say scary-cute. But you know what? That’s all part of the illustrious Namakopuri charm we’ve come to know and love. Outside of the realm of music, you’ll often find the girls in either cosplay or a painters gown, and sometimes even both. We’re extremely excited to have them join us at our booth during Anime Expo 2017, and we’re sure you’ll love the quirkiness they bring to the human world. For those of you that had the chance to visit our booth during Anime Central, you’ll definitely remember the charm that unit member Makopuri brought to the booth.

If you’re interested in checking out more of Namakopuri’s works, it’s definitely worth heading over to their SoundCloud and Twitter. For more Anime Expo 2017 news, be sure to check out our archive, here.

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