Pokémon Fossil Museum Announced by Japan’s National Museum of Nature and Science

Pokemon Fossil Museum Visual

The National Museum of Nature and Science in Japan has announced a collaboration with Pokémon that will let fans get a first-hand experience in seeing the fossils that their favorite Pokémon were modeled after. The event is scheduled to kick off this year and run well into next year.

Pokemon Fossil Museum Visual
Let’s look for similarities and differences in the illustrations of paleontology and Pokémon!

The announcement shared that the first location will be in Hokkaido. Pokémon fans in the Mikasa City Museum will go on a Pokémon fossil journey throughout the museum, lead by Dr. Kaseki and Excavation master Pikachu. The official announcement had the following statement:

Some of the mysterious Pokémon that appear in the popular game series Pokémon is known to be reconstructed from fossils. In this exhibit, visitors can enjoy learning about paleontology by comparing the Fossil Pokémon with fossils and paleontology found in our world and discovering similarities and differences. Let’s take a tour of the exhibition, guided by Pikachu from the excavation world, and Dr. Kaseki from our world, let’s compare the ‘fossils’ of each world!

Pokemon Fossil Museum Visual
A life-size skeletal model of a Fossil Pokémon! Let’s compare the paleontological specimen with a life-size skeletal model of a Pokémon!

On top of being able to see the actual fossils from creatures that existed in our world millions of years ago, you can also see scale models of the actual fossils of Pokémon. If you ask me, this is something that any Pokémon fan should experience.

Pokemon Fossil Museum Visual
Let’s compare the skeletons of Pokémon and ancient creatures! The imaginary skeletons of Pokémon are shown for the first time. What will the bones of Pokémon reconstructed from fossils look like?

The first location is kicking off the exhibition on 4 July 2021 through 20 September 2021 in Hokkaido, Japan at the Mikasa City Museum. There are also other exhibitions that are scheduled to take place throughout Japan in 2022 (Tokyo in the Spring of 2022 and Aichi in the Summer of 2022). If you happen to be in Japan during these times, I would strongly recommend checking the exhibition out; it’s something that you’re likely never going to experience again.

The Pokémon Company, National Museum of Nature and Science
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