Native Rapper Keeps it Real With Latest Album “TRIP”

Native Rapper Keeps it Real With Latest Album

It’s been a little while since we last heard from Kyoto-based musician Native Rapper, with a few scattered features and live performances painting the broader picture for the last year. That all changed today, however, with the release of their long-anticipated latest album “TRIP” via TREKKIE TRAX earlier today. Available now via all major services, let’s take a look at Native Rapper’s multi-genre infused latest below:

From the get-go Native Rapper’s latest had a whole lot going for it. Being one of the bigger releases from TREKKIE TRAX so far this year, there was definitely a level of personal anticipation to see just what everyone had been cooking up. Unsurprisingly, “TRIP” did not disappoint at all. Filled to the brim with memorable tracks and iconic collaborations, I don’t see myself putting down this record anytime soon.

On top of the digital distribution of the album, TREKKIE TRAX are also dropping a sweet physical CD edition over on their website. Priced at 2,000 yen, the CD comes complete with all thirteen tracks, as well as some CD-exclusive bonus goods. I’m personally hoping for a vinyl release in the near future, so here’s hoping something happens on that front.

The full tracklist of “TRIP” can be found below:

1. intro
3. Swag Girl
4. My Billiards Bed
5. Rainy Dance
6. Passion Fruit
7. Grand Melodica feat. ゆnovation
8. Like a Swimming Pool
9. 今更 feat. lulu
10. Water Bunker
11. Keep It Real
12. To Be Next
13. Passion Fruit (Soleil Soleil Remix)

Available now digitally via all major streaming services and physically via TREKKIE TRAX’ webstore, Native Rapper’s latest “TRIP” is definitely not an album you want to sleep on. Those interested in checking out further info, be sure to visit the release’s official website.

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