NEIGHBORHOOD Dropping New Collection September 7th

NEIGHBORHOOD Dropping New Collection September 7th

It takes a lot of courage and confidence to release something called ‘The Tactical Smock’ and call it fashion, but it’s 2019 and especially in Japanese where anything goes in the world of clothing one hip brand is doing exactly that. NEIGHBORHOOD has been making waves for a while now and has built up a huge following, almost half a million on Instagram alone. While they don’t exclusively use a ‘tactical’ aesthetic in all their clothing, their latest wave of new pieces are very much turning specials ops gear into wearable art. Coming September 7, a whole line of vaguely military-inspired clothing will be released.

Camo, zippers, and pockets are the defining traits of this new NEIGHBORHOOD drop. With their online store ‘rebooting’ prices haven’t been made available but they’re going to cost more than you’re average Uniqlo piece to be sure. That said, there are a ton of options spanning vests, shirts, bags, pants, and yes the ‘tactical smock’ which we’ve embedded below.

I couldn’t personally pull off most of the looks and clothing presented in this drop. It’s for those of you who love leaning into the edge, or maybe if we have any readers who are straight-up secret agents and you’re trying to style on all the other spies you’d be interested. I’ constantly impressed with where fashion is taking as maybe more than ever before, people really are paying attention to what they wear and how they wear it. I approve of the Tactical Smock future NEIGHBORHOOD envisions.

NEIGHBORHOOD’s tactical influenced clothing line drops September 7.

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