Jam Out With Neko Hacker’s Latest “Chocolate Adventure (feat. Nanahira)” Music Video

Jam Out With Neko Hacker's Latest

There’s no denying it, “Kawaii Future Rock” duo Neko Hacker are absolutely killing it, and if these last several months have been anything to go by, you’re definitely going to be seeing a lot more of them in 2019. Possibly one of the most surprising acts to emerge from 2018, I still can’t get over just how many power moves Neko Hacker has been pulling. Everything they touch is of the highest quality, and regardless of both member’s major backgrounds, you really do have to wonder how they manage to pull it off.

Given Neko Hacker’s usual rapid-fire style delivery with their music, a collaboration with Nanahira is quite possibly the most on-brand thing they’ve done to date. While you’d usually see Nanahira alongside frequent collaborator Camellia on more bass-focused songs, Neko Hacker’s “Kawaii Future Rock” stylings are really such a perfect fit for her vocals, and I definitely hope to see more from both acts in the future.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when is Neko Hacker going to be brought on for anime theme songs? They’d genuinely make such a perfect fit, and I guess that’s probably another reason I’m so excited for their upcoming rearrangement of “God Knows…” from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya on the recently detailed IMAGINATION vol.1“. 

The music video for “Chocolate Adventure” is pretty much what you’d expect from Neko Hackers, this time featuring ASOBISYSTEM model Fuuka Ooishi throughout. It’s entirely fitting, seeing Fuuka Ooishi exploring the Dandelion Chocolate factory and cafe on her own little chocolate adventure.

Available now on all major streaming platforms, this first snippet of what Neko Hacker has planned for 2019 is already more than enough to get me excited. You’re definitely not going to want to sleep on the duo this year, and you can kick things off by visiting the “Chocolate Adventure (feat. Nanahira)” landing page, here.

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