NEMOBRAND Debuts Their Brand “MOESTREET” In Harajuku’s Laforet

Japanese graphic designer NEMOBRAND is currently debuting their fashion brand “MOESTREET” in Harajuku’s Laforet shopping mall. NEMOBRAND’s pop-up shop will be running until September 12, where they will be selling clothing from their newest collection, we well as displaying posters of their designs.

Osaka-based illustrator and designer NEMOBRAND’s aesthetic focuses on drawing anime girls who are wearing popular street fashion brands and hanging out in city settings. We can see characters from anime such as FLCL and Neon Genesis Evangelion casually wearing modern fashion as if it’s something they do every day, like a peek into an alternate dimension where there’s a Supreme store in the Doraemon universe. NEMOBRAND’s fashion label, “MOESTREET”, bridges the concept to the real world and gives you what I see as NEMOBRAND’s take on what real-life anime characters would wear. NEMOMBRAND has also done design for the American hip hop collective A Tribe Called Quest and has also designed t-shirts for the fashion label Billionaire Boys Club. If you look at NEMOBRAND’s portfolio on their website, you’ll see even more super impressive credits.

According to NEMOBRAND’s Twitter post, at the “MOESTREET” pop-up shop, you can find long sleeve shirts and t-shirts, all featuring the illustrator’s original designs. I really like the “CAN’T SLEEP CLUB” shirt, it’s a motif that most creators live by. Also available is a pre-order for a handmade, novelty skateboard deck featuring original artwork of a moody girl in a bunny costume. There are also original magazines that are given to people who buy a t-shirt. People on Twitter have posted that they’ve received free stickers with their purchases. I really like the flame motif on the shirts, it gives the whole style a spicy attitude.

NEMOBRAND Debuts Their Brand "MOESTREET" In Harajuku's Laforet

The pop-up shop is open until September 12 from 11 am to 9 pm in Harajuku’s Laforet building, located near the end of Takeshita street.

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