Neon FM Andamiro Cabinets Now Available to Purchase in both USA and Canada and Mobile Version Update!

Some news from both Unit-e and Andamiro today which states that Unit-e is now allowed to sell Neon FM Andamiro units in the USA and Canada, now making the ability to fulfill those orders that were previously going unanswered to arcades. Retail price of the unit is $7,995 ($1,000 higher than the original unit). The Andamiro unit does not dispense tickets or have a wi-fi connection, but it does come with all of the Korean charts (20 in total by the time updates finish). Unit-e told us that they are working with Andamiro to bring the Korean charts to the original model as well. For now though, the Korean charts will not be coming to the mobile version.
The mobile version is right around the corner (we hope) and Unit-e also added a feature that allows people to purchase songs and song packs for unlimited play, after listening to feedback from players that the pay-per-play style wasn’t what most people wanted (it’s still available, though). For now, purchased songs still require you to be online, but we’re looking into how to bring that feature offline as well.
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