Formal Evangelion Ties Let You Wear Your Favorite at the Office

Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit 01 Ties

By now you’ve heard about the bummimg-out but ultimately for the best delay of Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0, a result of the biggest COVID spike Japan has seen yet. What can we do to ease the pain but sit here and indulge in one of our favorite OTAQUEST pastimes: taking in the ever-expansive, and unbelievable, crop of Evangelion merch to hit. Just in the new year alone, we’ve seen official Evangelion crossovers with Japanese pro baseball teams, impeccably designed hard-drives, and a man-sized Unit 13 state that’ll set you back about 1500 bucks. If you’re wanting something a little more conservative than these offerings, how about some formal Evangelion ties?

Unit 02 Neon Genesis Evangelion Ties
Which one would Asuka wear?

Coming from the Franco Spada tie department of Nagashima Garments, this formal Evangelion tie collection offers a surprising variety. The ties are based on Unit 00, 01, 02, and Mark.06 respectively, but each EVA has five different designs based on them. These patterns look to be the same through the four color-schematics, so you have your choice in EVA and in style. Of course, you could ball out and purchase the whole collection of 20 ties, but that would set you back around two grand as they cost about 100 dollars a piece, give or take with the exchange rate.

EVA 00 Neon Genesis Evangelion Tie
Gold, just like Rei’s personality.

You might think ‘oh, I’m just working from home every day, why would I need an Evangelion tie?’ If you truly love Asuka or Kaworu, now’s the exact time to prove your loyalty to your favorite character. It would be for you, not a show to those around you. Plus, with the delay, Shinji and Rei are counting on you to rescue them from their seemingly never-ending ‘release-date unknown’ hell they suffer in. Plus, when you are finally called in back to work, you can signal to your manager you are in fact stanning Yui Ikari on your chest.

Mark.06 Neon Genesis Evangelion Tie.
Kaworu would wear the tie for you.

You can order these lovely Evangelion ties here.

Khara / ネクタイドットコム
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