Evangelion Makeup Collection Comes in Ichiban Kuji Lottery Form

Evangelion Makeup Collection

What does the anime nobody (including us) ever shuts-up about and the stuff that billions of people around the world put on their face (so their face looks like their face but slightly different) have in common? Both are taken very seriously by many. Dipping the toe into cosmetics recently with a Rei Ayanami mascotted Rouge set, Studio Khara has now decided to go whole-hog.

An entire Evangelion Makeup collection hits Japan in two weeks, subtitled the ‘EVANGELION coffert collection’. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your luck), there’s a catch: The cosmetic collection can only be obtained through the Ichiban Kuji lottery system found in convenience stores, games centers, and other such spaces.

All of this is just a game of Russian Roulette away.

Nifty little eyeshadow pucks, color-coated lip screams, full-on palettes… almost everything you could want out of Evangelion makeup series can be found in the the Evangelion coffert collection’. Look, it’s hard to slap Evangelion character art onto a mascara brush, okay?

For 1000 yen a pop to partake in the Ichiban Kuji raffle style Eva lottery, you could be going home with your very own Mari Illustrious Makinami makeup selection, which would feel like the exact opposite of ‘winning it big.’

‘Asuka’ and ‘Jackpot’ are synonymous words.

However, a question must be asked: Would you be willing to leave your makeup choice up to chance? Much more importantly, would you be willing to leave the Evangelion character you choose to represent up to chance?

Which Evangelion character’s your favorite is just about the most intimate and personal decision anyone makes in their entire life! Now, as with any Ichiban Kuji lottery, you are guaranteed to get some Evangelion makeup item or another, as 1000 yen is a hefty asking price, but the bigger palettes certainly will be harder to come by.

And the Rei-themed winnings are the equivalent of getting 2 bucks from your 1-dollar scratcher.

The Evangelion Makeup collection Ichiban Kuji lottery in launch 13 March.

Studio Khara
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