U-Treasure Brings Back EVANGELION Rings Themed After the Spear of Longinus


Japanese jewelry manufacturer U-Treasure never fails to impress. Their recent offerings of jewelry themed after Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, and other series have been super eye-catching and great additions to any fan’s personal collection. Today, they announced that they’re bringing back their collaboration with EVANGELION: the Spear of Longinus rings that they initially released last Summer are coming back.

EVANGELION x U-Treasure Rings

The EVANGELION x U-Treasure rings are available in two different settings, one as a pair of rings that are more like promise rings, and then they have the wedding style rings with a large cubic zirconia. The rings have the two Spears wrapped around, giving them a unique and eye-catching flair. There is also an 18 Karat White Gold variant of the wedding band, complete with a diamond rather than a cubic zirconia.

The promise rings and wedding bands both have two variants, a silver version and an 18 Karat white gold version. The silver versions will cost ¥16,500 for the promise rings and wedding band. The gold version of the promise rings will cost ¥132,000, with the wedding band going for a whopping ¥330,000.

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All EVANGELION rings are available for pre-order through the U-Treasure website and are expected to ship in the middle of July. As with all purchases from U-Treasure, if you’re looking to get your hands on the items, you’re going to have to reach out to a friend or use the service of a proxy.

Khara, U-Treasure
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