Neon Genesis Evangelion’s ‘The Cruel Angel’s Thesis’ MV Uploaded 23 Years After Release

Over 23 years since the initial release of GAINAX’s game-changing anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion was initially aired in Japan, the legendary series’ equally legendary theme song, “The Cruel Angel’s Thesis,” has finally been made available on YouTube. Uploaded onto King Records’ YouTube channel earlier today, the video has already garnered over 300,000 views, and rightfully so. Included in the upload is a new HD music video, which features various scenes from the original anime series.


When it comes to anime theme songs, there are very few as easily recognizable as “The Cruel Angel’s Thesis”, something that rings especially true in Japan. This is a song that, on numerous occasions, has been voted as the one song not to sing at karaoke because it has simply been heard that many times by everyone in attendance. But that’s definitely not to say that it’s a bad song, not by any means. Originally performed by Yoko Takahashi back in 1995, music has most definitely evolved, but this piece remains a timeless gem.

While the timing might seem odd to suddenly release the song on YouTube, and believe me it still is, you’ll find that King Records have also released a new physical press of “The Cruel Angel’s Thesis,” which is available now for 1,000 yen. Those interested in finding out further information on the release can head on over to King Record’s official website.

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