Looks Like Mario Isn’t The Only Nintendo Icon Getting the Lego Treatment

Nintendo Entertainment System Lego

There’s been a lot of buzz around the official Super Mario Lego sets that are scheduled to be released on August 1st, but a new leak seems to indicate that the famous Italian plumber is going to be joined by another iconic member of Nintendo’s legacy.

In a thread on Resetera, they point to Chinese website VJ Gamer who has a post about a full-blown Nintendo Entertainment System Lego set, potentially coming out alongside the Super Mario sets. This new set is definitely not geared towards beginners either, clocking in at 2646 pieces between all of the components. This might seem a bit overboard but when you consider that this set comes complete with a replica Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Mario game pak, a controller, and an ’80s-style TV set then it doesn’t seem so outlandish. To make things even crazier, the TV set appears to include a crank that makes the image on the “screen” to scroll, with a lever attached to the 8-bit Mario “minifig” that you can manipulate to “play” the original Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo Entertainment System Lego

The surprises don’t seem to end there either with a photo of the build instruction manual showing the electronic figure from the Super Mario Lego sets placed atop the TV and music notes next to it. The opposite page has text that states when you remove the top panel of the TV and place Mario on it there is some level of interaction with the level on screen, and the figure will play the music from the original Super Mario Bros. The text is unfortunately pretty fuzzy so the exact details aren’t clear, but the image also states that this functionality requires the Super Mario LEGO Starter Set to work.

Nintendo Entertainment System Lego
Looking at other photos from VJ Gamer you can see that not only is this labeled as an officially licensed product, but also that the set appears to be rather detailed all the way to the back of the TV set.

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Lastly, the industrious posters of Resetera discovered that German Lego Fansite Stonewars.de refers to a listing for the item that gives a release date of August 1st, at a price point of 229.99 Euros. Stonewars also did some additional analysis to a teaser that LEGO posted in response to the leak, which appears to confirm that the set is indeed real.

Ultimately, this is a really cool and unexpected surprise from Nintendo & LEGO. It’ll be hard to say how true all of these details are until an official statement from LEGO is made, but none of the info presented so far seem all that far fetched. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon!

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