New DDR songlist voting open

Konami announced in it’s Weekly Journal that they are working on the next title in the DDR series and are planning on transplanting songs from other bemani games based on what receives the most votes. What does this have to do with you? Simply put all of you are urged to go here and vote for one of the following songs.

Beatmania – DJ Battle
Beatmania – Cat’s Song
Keyboardmania – Morning Music
Keyboardmania – Threshold
Pop’n Music – Without You Around
IIDX – Flowers For Albion
IIDX – The Safari
Guitar Freaks – Across The Nightmare
Drummania – Waza

while only one of the tracks listed above is really dancable to, it’s be great to see songs with no particular beat or rhythm make it in since it would make the game alot harder, and possibly more fun to play. So everyone go and vote!

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