Taito Releases New Version of Densha de Go! Plug and Play

Densha de go plug and play top

A few years ago, Taito announced and released a direct TV plug-and-play version of its Densha de Go! title which was more or less targeted towards kids, but was inevitably swooped up by fans of the series and collectors alike. I’m happy to announce that if you were looking at getting your hands on one of these, you have another chance as Taito has released a newer version of the plug-and-play device, complete with a new color.

The concept is simple; you take an HDMI cable, plug it into your TV or monitor, plug the AC adapter into the device and turn it on. Then you can play a modified version of the PS1 version of Densha de Go!! from the comfort of your living room, complete with real train controls. The first version of the plug-and-play device was a grey color which honestly looked kind of cheap. The new version however is more of a gun-metal color which even though it’s not much different, gives a much more premium feel to the whole device. It really is an awesome concept and great for kids who have an interest in trains. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, it’s not impossible to figure out and is fairly intuitive to play, with some pushing of buttons and working your way around.

Densha Plug and Play

The updated Densha de Go! Plug and Play set released on 10 December 2020 and can be purchased from a number of outlets throughout Japan, including Amazon. So if you were looking for something to get someone for Christmas or a birthday present, this might be right up your alley as it’s not immensely expensive either coming in at ¥14,800 (approx. $140 USD). I know for a plug and play device, this can be a bit steep, but it’s the experience you’re paying for, rather than the hardware itself.

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