The Girls of ‘New Game!!’ Get New Jobs in Lawson Collab

It would appear that the girls of Eagle Jump either aren’t bringing in enough coin to pay the bills, or our dedicated workaholics are just too bored by the downtime between their latest games, because it looks like they have a brand new job working with Japanese convenience store Lawson.

Aoba, Hifumi, Yun and Hajime have joined the ranks of one of Japan’s biggest convenience store chains — Lawson. Spanning two types of products, you’ll be able to see the girls decked out not only in Lawson’s iconic blue and white striped uniforms, but also in what appears to be a Lawson-inspired hybrid of the traditional sailor outfit and a maid dress. You’ll be able to nab the friendly part-time workers on either a keychain or a clear file. Scroll through the pics below, and let us know which of these strike your fancy!


These goods really do define the term “limited edition,” too, as you only have two options available when it comes to getting your hands on them. You can either be at the Kanda Myoujin Lawson store in Tokyo beginning on August 18, or you can use the “Loppi” in-store terminal at any Lawson location in the country to order the goods for shipping to your home. Once they’re gone though, they’re gone. This promotion is one of those “while supplies last” kind of deals. The hustle is always real for Aoba and co., and I can’t wait to cheer them on in their temporary new workplace!

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