STRICT-G Announces New Gundam Records Themed T-Shirts

Gundam Records TOP

STRICT-G has been on a roll recently with their Gundam clothing announcements and today they announced a trio of shirts themed on the Gundam Records line-up of art.

This is the sixth edition of the Gundam Record shirts, a series that has vinyl-style record covers on the front that depict various scenes from the Gundam series.

Gundam Records 3

The new trio of shirts contains art from three different Gundam series: Gundam 0080, G-Gundamand Gundam V. Each of the shirts contain a pop-style art that really gives the Gundam universe a completely different feeling. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda dig them.

Gundam Records Shirts Gundam Records Shirts

Each of the shirts will run for ¥5,280 and is expected to start shipping to customers who purchase them within the month. Even though the shirts officially release on 4 July 2021, you can pre-order them currently from the STRICT-G website. Pre-orders for the shirts will wrap up on 11 July 2021.

If you’re looking to pick these up for yourself, you’re going to need to have a friend in Japan place the order for you and ship them to you or find a proxy service that can order from the website on your behalf.

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