New Log Horizon Season 3 Key Visual Released

Log Horizon Season 3 anime screenshot

Log Horizon is a series that holds a special place in many people’s hearts. After season two ended a very long five years ago, many fans thought that was it. No third season or anything. Then, earlier this year and out of the blue, NHK made the announcement that season three would be releasing at the end of this year, only to be pushed back a little bit thanks to COVID-19. Today, NHK put out a new key visual for the third season of Log Horizon, promptly displaying two brand new characters. A nice little early Christmas treat from NHK, if you ask me.

Log Horizon Season 3 Key Visual

The key visual that was released today shows our protagonist team at the bottom with the two new characters above, who are supposedly from the ancient world and who have made their way to Akihabara. Those two characters are Lelia=Mofur who is voiced by Manami Iwami and her younger sister Litca=Mofur who is voiced by Nanami Yamashita. Taking a look at the key visual, we can see the characters’ levels, both being at 65, but specifically what role they’ll play in the story has yet to be announced. Seeing that they’re front and center on the new visual, I’m sure that they’ll play a pretty vital one.

The third season of Log Horizon, titled Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table (being named after Volume 12 of the web novel series by author Mamare Touno) is scheduled to start airing in Japan on 13 January 2021, with a release through Funimation sometime after that.

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