This New Line of Kirby Merchandise is Genuinely Adorable

Kirby 25th Anniversary Goods

When it comes to merchandise, there’s one particular character that I’ll work harder for than anything else. I’m addicted to that adorable pink marshmallow that we all know and love, Kirby. There’s few characters that I would consider on the same level of cuteness as Kirby, and it’s news like this that always makes my wallet hurt internally. I’m generally flushed with a mix of emotions ranging from “I need it!” to “It’s rent or the Kirby”, which based on the decor of my room, I think I’ve made the right choice. So with news breaking today that manufacturer Banpresto would be releasing a new line of merchandise in celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary, I couldn’t help but get excited.

The collection, which ranges from pillows to glasses and everything in-between, pulls together some of the game’s cutest traits into a single package. It’s a refreshing and welcomed addition to one of gaming’s greatest treasures, and something I’d be happy to adorn my room with. But without waxing too much poetry about the merchandise, let’s just take a look at them:

Kirby 25th Anniversary Goods

This 40cm wide stuffed Kirby plush is supposedly as huggable it looks, and also happens to be one of 50 in the world — winning this particular Kirby will require you to enter a lottery hosted by Banpresto, which can be found here. If you do happen to win though, you’ll need to have your Japanese on point, as there is no English support available, and international shipping doesn’t appear to be an option.

Kirby 25th Anniversary Goods

This hyper-cute star cushion features the 25th anniversary logo embroidered on the back, coming in at about 30cm in size. Listed as an ideal pillow for taking a nap or decorating your room, it appears this item will be a little more obtainable. It is the ‘B Prize’ in the competition, with the former being the ‘A Prize’. The rest of the new merchandise and prizes can be found below:

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Available from April 26, this line of ultra adorable merchandise will be available through this lottery, as well as at various arcades and convenience stores across Japan. Further information can be found via the official website, here.

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