Final Fantasy XIV Adds Optional Costume Sets and a New Emote

Final Fantasy XIV

The customization you can achieve in SQUARE ENIX’s award-winning critically acclaimed MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV is limitless. Today, they added to that never-ending expanse by releasing a brand new costume set and a new emote to use within the game.

I am a very heavy player of Final Fantasy XIV and I have to admit, the level of customization you can achieve in the appearance of your character with the glamour system is mindboggling and really is the nature of Final Fantasy XIV endgame. SQUARE ENIX has just rolled out the Resshi Attire to the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store which you can purchase for $18.00. SQUARE ENIX has stated the following about the Resshi Attire:

The resshi attire set includes everything you need to complete this distinctive ensemble. The stylish haori is accented with a long scarf, perfect for journeys into colder climes, while the billowing legs of the hakama are tucked in to allow ease of movement. The look is topped off with a hachigane, which will not only deflect sword strikes to the forehead, but also gives an air of sophistication to warriors-about-town.

Resshi Attire in Final Fantasy XIV

Back of Resshi Attire in Final Fantasy XIV

Next up is the Flower Shower emote that you can purchase for $7.00. The Flower Shower emote is exactly what it sounds like. Your character throws their arms up into the air releasing a shower of flower petals raining to the ground.

Both optional items for Final Fantasy XIV can be purchased worldwide via the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store and can be received by going to the Mail Moogle in-game.

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