New Pokémon Center Opening This November in Kanazawa

Pokemon Center Kanazawa Logo

No matter where you look, it always seems that there are new Pokémon Centers opening up across Japan. This coming November plays host to the newest opening of the Pokémon Center Kanazawa inside of Kanazawa Forus. This is the newest Pokémon Center to open since the Pokémon Center Shibuya opened last November at the newly built Shibuya Parco. The upcoming Pokémon Center in Kanazawa was announced some time ago, but it wasn’t until this past weekend that The Pokémon Company announced the ‘late November’ opening time frame.

As with each Pokémon Center, there is a theme and a mascot, and the Pokémon Center Kanazawa is no different. The theme for the store will be based around water-type Pokémon with the Feebas evolution Milotic being the mascot character for the new shop. Milotic was chosen to represent the ‘Beauty of the Nature’ of the Hokuriku Region. Quite a fitting Pokémon if you ask me. Milotic is one of my favorite Pokémon, based on looks alone.

Pokemon Center Kanazawa Front

You can also expect that the Kanazawa Pokémon Center will have exclusive goods as well, as it seems that each of the recent Pokémon Centers that have been opening up has had some unique goodies around opening day. Such as the ‘Graffiti Pikachu’ Pokémon card and plush that was available when the Shibuya Pokémon Center opened up.

Where The Pokémon Company hasn’t announced a specific date that the Kanazawa Pokémon Center will be opening, they did say that it would be opening in ‘late November’, so that gives some time for people to get to check out the location before any sort of holiday rush. Who knows maybe Japan will be back open to foreign travel by that time as well and people from outside Japan can come and experience the new store for themselves first hand.

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