New Pokémon Snap Release Date Sooner Than Expected

New Pokémon Snap Cover

It seems like, since Animal Crossing New Horizons, Nintendo fans haven’t been able to enjoy an exclusive killer switch game. Sure Sword & Shield had its DLC and someone might have 100-percented every star in all three Mario games on that ‘limited time’ All-Stars collection. Something like Hyrule Warriors, while cool in theory, lends itself to fewer people than a mainline Zelda with its Musou qualities. For some, the Switch has been collecting dust in its dock pocket, especially with Shiny New Gen Consoles abound. Maybe this resurrection of the beloved Nintendo 64 photography simulator won’t be an ‘all-timer’, but god are we glad the New Pokémon Snap release date is only 100 days away.

As if that Bowser’s Fury trailer wasn’t enticing enough, Nintendo up and said ‘yeah, we’re gonna give you a snappy new trailer with a New Pokémon Snap release date’ to further sweeten that switch part. You could just, you know, watch that trailer above to find out that the game will be releasing 30 April 2020 or you could have just read this previous sentence. Either way, you’ve now got something colorful and awe-inducing coming your way in just a few months’ time.

If you weren’t some kind of child when the 64-bit Pokémon Snap came out, the excitement of the New Pokémon Snap release date may elude you. The original was an on-rails arcadey experience you could clear in about 40 minutes. Why would you want to pay 60 dollars for that? Here, we can clearly observe the simple concept of ‘taking funny pics of Pokémon’ is so strong that for 20 years fans endlessly clamored for a follow-up, some of which were wearing diapers when the OG came out and some now changing their own kid’s diapers. We do hope this time there’s a bit more meat to the game, to be fair.

The New Pokémon Snap release date brings us the game on 30 April.

Nintendo / The Pokémon Company
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