Log Horizon Collapse of the Roundtable Delayed Until January 2021

Log Horizon

It really seems like I write at least one of these articles every week. The latest series to be affected by COVID-19 is none other than the 5-year long return of “Log Horizon”. Back in January, we reported about the new season hitting late this year after a five-year hiatus but It seems that we’ll have to wait a bit longer, to see what the newest chapter has in store for us, as the new season of Log Horizon has been delayed until January 2021.

There still hasn’t been much information about the new season of Log Horizon provided to the general public yet, however, NHK stated that this about the new season;

“The animation “Log Horizon” is a tale about young people trapped in an online game

Where they formed bonds and undertook adventures while garnering support from a wide range of generations. The next chapter after 5 long years is upon us.

The staff members who garnered success from the past seasons will be returning to tell a human story filled with laughter, tears, drama, and friendship…at the same time, we will deliver the same “Log Horizon World”!!

Where there are close to zero story points in there that anyone can really extrapolate, we were however provided with this updated key visual from the upcoming season.

Log horizon Art

Also, just for refresher sake, here is a quick synopsis of what Log Horizon is about if you haven’t seen the series, or can’t really remember what it’s about:

Suddenly one day, in the world of the popular online game “Elder Tale”, tens of thousands of players, adventurers, have become trapped!

Players are sent into a frenzy of confusion in a world they are not familiar with where monsters and magic actually exist, and the city of adventurers “Akiba” has spun out of control…

A young boy named “Shiroe” who isn’t the most comfortable around people is one of those trapped in the game decided to form a guild called “Log Horizon” with his closest friends Akatsuki and Nyanta. Furthermore, he calls on the unity of adventurers to use his own knowledge as a weapon to launch a self-governed organization called the “Roundtable Conference” in order to restore peace and stability to the city.

Focused on the “Roundtable Conference” and exchanges with the original residents of the world, “The Earthlings” have progressed with adventurers, nobles, merchants, generals, etc. thus resulting in transactions with foreign entities happening.

However, in the year that has passed since the adventurers have traveled to another world and the city of Akiba has enjoyed enhanced prosperity, a new “disaster” has reared its head, including the struggle for power and disparity between adventurers.

On top of all of this, a critical blow happens to the Roundtable, a beacon of unity among adventurers…

Even though Log Horizon got delayed a couple of months, as January 2021 nears closer, I’m positive we’ll start to get more information about the upcoming Log Horizon season, art, info, and trailers to boot.


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