New Series of Angel Beats! Goods Announced

Angel Beats

Japanese company Realize has dragged a series from the depths of my mind by announcing a new line of goods related to Angel Beats! The items were released on 9 April 2021 and will continue to be available until 2 May 2021.

Artframe Angels Beats

The goods are being sold through Charadepa and will be coming in a plethora of different options to choose from. The line includes giant acrylic stands, a ring acrylic key holder, mini acrylic art, micro fiber cloths, mug cups, B2 size tapestries, and artgraphs. There really is something for everyone at almost every price point.

If you’re a fan of the Angel Beats! series, there is surely something within this line up that you are going to want to put in your collection. It’s things like this that really make me like Charadepa. They always have new products coming up from properties you would least expect. As with all things from Charadepa, you’re going to need to have a friend or a proxy buy the items and ship them to you.

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