First Signs of New Shibuya 109 Logo Appear Over Tokyo Cityscape

We’ve been following the news of Shibuya 109’s new logo with bated breath for quite some time now. While change is necessary, it’s certainly not without the loss of one of the most iconic logos within Tokyo’s expansive cityscape. Just over a month ago we wrote about the logo’s planned April 28 installation completion, but now, just two weeks out, we’re starting to see the earliest signs of the change. Stopping by Shibuya right now will, outside of the general chaos, provide a bit of a new sight. While I haven’t actually gone to Shibuya to check it out myself just yet, I, of course, caught a glimpse via the most Shibuya 109 platform available, Instagram.

First Signs of New Shibuya 109 Logo Appear Over Tokyo Cityscape

Towering over Shibuya Crossing, the first look at Shibuya 109’s new Instagram-age logo is here. Initial impressions? This one’s an L. There’s a lot to be said about the direction being taken with this new logo, but to a broader degree, something to be said about the landscape of Shibuya as a whole. I get that Shibuya has always been a hub for youth trends and that Instagram is one of them, but there’s something that feels off in recent times.

I found myself with some friends at a bubble tea spot in the area recently, very much contributing to these trends, when I looked over the interior. Larger than anything else on the counter was a sign that read “How to drink bubble tea”, which I assumed was due to the fact that this is a recent boom in Japan. But before anything else on the list, the very first step was to “Take a photo and upload it to Instagram”. While it was very much a direct, one-off sight, there’s so much in Shibuya that points to the same thing, though not always as direct. One such thing; the new Shibuya 109 logo.

Officially set to be unveiled to the world on April 28, 2019, just a couple of weeks from the time of writing, the new Shibuya 109 isn’t far away. For those interested in checking out further details, be sure to look into our full archive, here.

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